Exhibition logistics

Presentation in Exhibitions, tradeshows or special events should be your main concern. Transporting of exhibits should be left to our concern. Our job is to make sure, that people would have less trouble and could concentrate on their main aspects for upcoming events while we provide on-time delivery of the exhibits.

Our Exhibition Logistics services include:

  • On-time delivery from event to event
  • All customs procedures according country’s customs regulations
  • Full transportation services worldwide, from land, sea to air
  • Temperature controlled transport, if needed
  • Full shipment control 24/7
  • High quality packaging
  • Trained staff for proper packing
  • All warehouse services, from short to long term storage
  • Full insurance services


Our consultants are always ready to solve any problem regarding export and import of your fine arts.

Consultancy services of:

  • Documentation for customs processes
  • Customs clearance for import/export
  • Moving and transportation
  • Packing and installation
  • Insurance policies
  • Warehouse handling
  • Special requests according client needs

Calenberg guarantees you a friendly and efficient communication.

Packing & crating

High quality packing and use of proper packaging materials is one of the most important elements of successful shipping. Calenberg uses not only high quality packagings, but also trained staff for proper packing of items, loading for safe transportation and unloading.

Whether it is by Land, by Sea or by Air – Antiques, works of art, paintings, statues or other valuable things are packed in specially designed wooden boxes, which meets the highest quality standards and are specially designed for moving fine arts. The wood material is certified to meet IPPC and ISPM standards, which are mandatory in majority of countries.

Packing and crating services include:

  • Cleaning and removal of debris after packing and unpacking of the fine arts
  • External elevator for special items from high-rise apartments
  • Special care while packing fine arts
  • Attaching supportive settings for packages of packed fine arts during loading to the truck or container for maximum security
  • Using of certified materials specially designed for moving fine arts


Calenberg offers full shipping services for your fine arts, reliable, safe and efficient from origin up to destination place.

Our Shipping services cover these areas:

  • Shuttle services
  • Dedicated land transport services
  • Sea transport services
  • Air transport services
  • Special temperature controlled transport for specific fine arts
  • Express transport services
  • Transportation ex, via warehouse
  • Special crating and full insurance
  • Full cargo control 24/7
  • GPS and online monitoring


When doing home maintenance or relocating to a country where you can not take your high valued fine arts, you might need to store them somewhere safe with the proper care and attention. Calenberg can offer you the best storage conditions.

Our Storage services include:

  • Special dedicated storage containers only for your goods
  • 24 hour protection
  • Access whenever you need
  • Temperature controlled warehouse
  • Detailed documentation(packing lists, photos)
  • Add new items or taking back old ones while returning them later
  • Re-packing of your goods
  • Short-term storage(1-3 months)
  • Long-term storage(4-6 years)


There is always a risk of unforeseen circumstances while shipping your valuable works of arts abroad and that is why we offer full insurance for any shipment that is relocated by us or kept in our storage.

Our team will consult the client and according to the information given about his belongings, the most suitable insurance will be offered, with all customer care support services included.

In case of any damage or loss of any item, our team immediately comes in action compensating all the troubles with the reparation of damaged item, including the work of a specific craftsman for a specific fine art.