HHG move management

Through the experience of providing moving and relocation services for more than 20 years, our Calenberg team has much to offer overcomiFFng and solving various situations which might seem difficult for a person moving abroad but very simple and usual for us.

Trust your moving process to us and see for yourself how successful and free of stress it can be.

Moving process

Moving process is often time consuming and stressful process. Our job is to make sure, that people would have less trouble aFFnd could concentrate on their main job in their companies.

We organize full “Door to Door“ Moving services, which include:

  • Full Origin and Full Destination services
  • Survey at clients request
  • The same packers team at origin and destination places
  • All customs procedures according country’s customs regulations
  • Full transportation services, from land, sea to air
  • High quality packagings
  • All storage services, from short to long term
  • Full insurance services

Pre-move survey consultation

Every move starts with a consultation. Calenberg surveyor will consult you with all related matters and arranges a visit to your home for a pre-move survey.

Surveyor services include:

  • Time and date of a survey arranged according clients possibilities
  • Counting of an estimated volume of clients goods
  • Arranging a required disassembly of furniture
  • Calculating special packaging required for every kind of item(books, clothes, fragile items and etc.)
  • Checking access conditions for a vehicle to load
  • Noting of every aspect, which might be needed, for the moving process(customs issues, shipping routes, insurance, storage, destination services and etc.)
  • Preparing of quotation

Packing and protecting your home

High quality packing and use of proper packaging materials is one of the most important elements of successful relocation.

Calenberg uses not only high quality packagings, but also trained staff for proper packing of items, disassembling and reassembling of furniture, loading for safe transportation and unloading while at the same time taking care of your origin and destination homes.

Packing and protection services include:

  • Cleaning and removal of debris after packing the goods at origin place
  • Cleaning and removal of debris after unpacking the goods at destination place
  • External elevator for special items from high-rise apartments
  • Special care while disassembling and reassembling the furniture
  • Attaching supportive settings for packages of packed goods during loading to the truck or container for maximum security
  • Using of certified materials specially designed for moving services

Packing materials

Proper packing materials are the key for safe transportation. Whether it is by Land, by Sea or by Air – we use only certified Full Overseas packages, which meets the highest quality standards and are specially designed for moving services.

Goods are wrapped into bubble wraps, special cloth is used for extra protection, carton boxes with an additional layer of carton, supportive settings for attachments.

Antiques, works of art, paintings, statues and other valuable things are packed in specially designed wooden boxes. The wood material is certified to meet IPPC and ISPM standards, which are mandatory in majority of countries.

All our Overseas export packages protect your goods from dust, shocks, corrosion, even from climate conditions and not only through transportation, but when stored on a long-term storage.

This ensures us the maximum protection.

HHG transportation

Calenberg offers full transport services, reliable and efficient from origin up to destination place.

Our transport services cover these areas:

  • Shuttle services
  • Dedicated land transport services
  • Sea transport services
  • Air transport services
  • Special transport for unusual shipments
  • Express transport services
  • Transportation ex, via warehouse
  • Full cargo control 24/7
  • GPS and online monitoring

Moving with a PET

Moving with a pet always demands very accurate documentation and activities. It is mandatory to know all regulation of the destination country that your pet could successfully pass the border through quarantine and enter.

Our Pet moving services include:

  • Providing with all required information
  • Advices for specific vaccinations
  • Help of arranging import permits for certain countries
  • Help of arranging special additional certificates for certain countries
  • Treatment advices to prepare a pet for transportation
  • Special cage boxes for unaccompanied transport
  • Recommendations for traveling with an accompanied pet

Storage in transit

Sometimes while moving or doing home maintenance you need to temporarily store your home appliances. Calenberg can offer you the best storage conditions.

Our Storage in transit services include:

  • Special dedicated storage containers only for your goods
  • 24 hour protection
  • Access whenever you need
  • Detailed documentation(packing lists, photos)
  • Add new items or taking back old ones while returning them later
  • Re-packing of your goods
  • Short-term storage(1-3 months)
  • Long-term storage(4-6 years)

HHG insurance

Calenberg offers full insurance for any cargo that we are relocating or keeping in storage.

Standard insurance is according with Section 451 of the German Commercial Code (§ 451 HGB), the liability is 620 EUR per 1 cbm for loss or damage of the shipment.

Additional insurance for high valued goods is being calculated from your declared worth of goods. If there is a need of the high valued goods insurance, please contact us and we will provide you with the best suitable solution.