Project management

Calenberg provides precise and reliable management with a dedicated team for every single project, from the first phone call to the cleaning after last furniture item reassembled and continuous assistance until full settling-in of the clients into their new home.

With each project we seek that our clients would be more than satisfied of our services and would come back to us for their future relocations.


Rather often our clients possess such furniture that requires special attention for their removal and transportation. Through our experience, we have seen various interesting constructions which successfully were moved to their new homes.

Whether it is a simple chair or a Grand Piano, you can be free of stress.

Our team will take care of your furniture in every step of the process: 

  • Disassembling and reassembling of furniture
  • Packing with dedicated materials
  • Protecting with special cloth,  bubble wrap, hardened carton
  • Loading and unloading with supportive settings
  • External elevator when needed

IT & other equipment

Their being gives the most entertainment available out there and the help for our everyday life, but at the same time they can be the most fragile items to move what may lead to disappointment of their arrival condition.

Through the years, trained Calenberg team has gained proper moving techniques for your complicated electronic systems.

Our moving services of IT includes:

  • Handling according item’s user manual instructions(when provided)
  • Proper disconnection and reconnection of systems
  • Special packing of every system for maximum security in transit
  • Proper documentation of electronic items(complete list with serial numbers, brands, types)
  • Re-installing of disconnected systems
  • Temperature controlled transport for sensitive electronics
  • Temperature controlled warehouse services(for short or long term)

Recycling & disposal

Some of the wastes and debris can not be just thrown away, Calenberg has partners for safe and environmentally friendly disposal and recycling. You can be sure that every waste is sorted according requirements and useful materials are produced from them.

Let’s be Green together!


You can rest assured that Calenberg team will leave your origin and destination homes clean as if they were after the professional cleaning company visit. Whether it is a small apartment or a luxury house.

Our Cleaning program includes:

  • Cleaning and removal of debris after packing the goods at origin place
  • Cleaning and removal of debris after unpacking the goods at destination place
  • Use of all the equipment and materials for proper cleaning
  • All protection measures of your property while cleaning
  • Disposal of wastes
  • Sorting and recycling of wastes


When doing home maintenance or relocating to a country where you can not take your home appliances fully, you might need to store your goods somewhere safe with the proper care and attention. Calenberg can offer you the best long-term storage conditions.

Our Long-term Storage services include:

  • Special dedicated storage containers only for your goods
  • 24 hour protection
  • Access whenever you need
  • Detailed documentation(packing lists, photos)
  • Add new items or taking back old ones while returning them later
  • Re-packing of your goods


There is always a risk of unforeseen circumstances while traveling abroad and that is why we offer full insurance for any shipment that is relocated by us or kept in our storage.

Our team will consult the client and according to the information given about his personal move, the most suitable insurance will be offered, with all customer care support services included.

In case of any damage or loss of any item, our team immediately comes in action compensating all the troubles with the reparation of damaged items or replacement of the lost ones.