Relocation planning

Proper planning makes a very positive difference in any relocation. During this important initial phase, we work with your employees to plan key aspects of an efficient relocation. Our goal is to manage the entire process so that relocations can be completed as efficiently as possible and so that your employees can focus on their new job with a minimal amount of distraction.

Visa and immigration

Calenberg Relocation provides all aspects of Visa, immigration and work permit services.

Our Visa and Immigration services include:

  • Country-specific advice and consultation about the application procedure and correct visa category
  • Coordination and preparation of the application process and required documents
  • Legalizations of immigration documentation
  • Renewal of missing documents, notarization
  • Management Reporting for Visa and Immigration Services

Area orientation

Area Orientations (sometimes called Area Tours) are customised pre-assignment visits, which provide an overview of life in a new destination. They are often the determining factor in a client's decision-making process, as they give clients a true insight into what it would be like living in the selected area. Much more than just a tour, orientation visits provide detailed insights about the location itself, and also discussion about the general way people live in the country.

On the Area Orientation day, the Search Consultant collects the client and their family by car from their accommodation and drives them around the chosen areas. Their trip can include a sampling of housing options or schools in the location.

Included is:

Lithuania and Vilnius overview: brief insight into Lithuanian culture and way of life, socioeconomic history and trends, the media, the legal system, political and economic climate, weather, holidays and traditions, banking, utilities, driving regulations

Local area overview: housing, healthcare, education, shopping, local authority services, public and private transport, commuting times, parks, places of worship, sites of historic or educational interest, leisure facilities, distances from airports / major cities.

Viewing of sample properties in key target areas to help manage budgets and expectations

Information about local schools - tours and external viewings of appropriate schools can be arranged if necessary

Settling in assistance

Our Settling-In Program includes:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Orientation tour
  • Registration of utilities (electricity, gas, water, etc.)
  • Telephone connection
  • Car rental or purchase
  • Overview of Health System
  • Furniture Rental
  • License transfer or application
  • Translation services
  • Driving License , Car Insurance and security issues

Tenancy management

Our Service Saves HR Money By Providing:

  • A single dedicated point of contact for customer service
  • Management and coordination of repairs and maintenance
  • Reminders and organization of all maintenance issues as listed in tenancy agreement
  • Full reporting system of all issues
  • 24-hour emergency contact for home emergencies
  • HR payment reminders, rental invoice delivery, and termination documentation creation

Departure services

Calenberg provides a comprehensive range of departure services to assist individuals and their families’ departures.

Our Departure Assistance Program includes:

  • Identifying needs and setting the dates
  • Discussion and agreement of settlement with the employee
  • Termination of the lease at the reporting date
  • Organization and coordination of cleaning companies and tradesmen for renovation
  • Residential / house handover with handover protocol
  • Termination of insurance, memberships, bank account, etc.
  • Termination of utilities
  • Additional information taking into account the special interests

Cultural training

Calenberg will help to get to know the environment and surroundings of your new destination places

Our Cultural Training Program includes:

  • Country-specific consultation about destination cultural differences
  • Analysis of historical points of interest
  • Welcoming local traditions and regulations
  • Integration into local way of life
  • Identification of workplace environment

Other assistance

  • Solutions for unusual cases
  • Special request arrangement according client needs
  • Care of very personal and delicate subjects